PHOTO CAPTION: Honda FCV Hydrogen Fuel Cell concept, said to be close to production ready.

Honda Readies Mass Production Hydrogen Car By 2020

Honda's fuel cell Clarity will have range comparable to it's Toyota counterpart, but pricing hasn't yet been announced.

Published: 30-May-2015

It now seems to be a three-way horse race to power the electrics of the future: batteries vs supercapacitors vs fuel cell. While graphene-based pseudo-supercapacitors are the newest entry, at least two major car companies are betting heavily on hydrogen fuel cells.

According the Britain's Autocar, Honda is planning to "mass produce" its fuel cell sedan starting in 2020. As Autocar and others have pointed out, how many cars that actually represents isn't known. Between now and that date five years from now, Honda will begin selling its FCV Clarity in Japan in the first quarter of 2016, presumably to test the technology and gauge the market. The company has been leasing its first generation Clarity for over half a decade now.

The range of the new FCV Clarity will be up to 480 km (298 miles) compared to Toyota's $57,500USD Mirai fuel cell sedan, rated at 483 km. Refueling of both cars should take only about five minutes.

Pricing on the Honda vehicle has not yet been announced.

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