PHOTO CAPTION: BAIC EV200 electric car could be first vehicle produced at new plant in Malaysia.

Malaysia to Become Electric Car Production Center

The Malaysian city of Gurun will become an electric car production center for Southeast Asia through partnership with China's Beijing Automobile International Corporation and Amber Dual Sdn Bhd.

Published: 19-May-2015

For well over a half a decade, Malaysia has been maneuvering to become a focal point for the production of electric vehicles. Companies like Proton have promised to manufacture their own EV there. Another company, CTric, announced in 2011 they would build an electric moped. Making it happen has been easier said than done.

Now facilitated by a joint venture between Beijing Automobile International Corporation and Malaysia's Amber Dual Sdn Bhd, the two companies have agreed to build an electric car in a new assembly plant in the city of Gurun said to cost between RM200-300M ($51-84US million).

The first car to be produced appears to be a model already in production by BAIC, since it's being reported that the two firms have spent RM50 million ($14USD million) converting the cars left-hand drive to right-hand that is used in Malaysia. That vehicle could be similar to BAIC's EV200, pictured above. Production at the new facility, targeted the first year for 2000-3000 units annually, could begin as early as 2016.

Pricing and performance information on the car have not yet been announced.

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