PHOTO CAPTION: Sway Motorsports electric tricycle scooter will come with three battery options.

Sway Motorsports: More Fun on Three-Wheels

If you're not comfortable riding a two-wheeled motor scooter, Sway Motorsports will offer you a three-wheeled alternative starting in 2016

Published: 16-May-2015

For some riders, three wheels are better than two. The biggest advantage being, you don't have to hold it up when you come to a stop. It just sits there nice and stable all by itself, which means accidentally tipping it over or dropping it on its side is no longer a costly blunder.

A couple firms have introduced three-wheeled scooters: Piaggio and the now-extinct Vectrix offered maxi-scooter models. Now there's a new entrant in the field: Sway Motorsports with their own leaning scooter, due out now in 2016, about a year behind schedule.

It will be available in three battery versions starting with the baseline lead-acid battery model priced at $4,999USD. It promises a rang up to 20 mile and maximum top speed of 35 mph. Weight is 280 lbs (127kb). In the middle of the lineup is their Lithium model. It's priced another $3000US at $7999. Range doubles to 40 mile and the top speed to 60 mph. Weight is 220 pounds. The top-of-the-line LithiumPlus will set you back a cool eleven grand ($10,999USD) and push you along at 70 mph. Range is 60 mile in the city and 40 miles on the highway.

The company recently announced that it would turn manufacturing over to Germany-based GoVec, which makes two-wheeled electric scooters at their plant in Poland. They also will be responsible for testing and homologation for both the EU and US markets.

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