PHOTO CAPTION: Bultaco Brinco motocross electric bicycle

Bultaco Readies Launch of Electric Motorcycle and Bike

Absent for two decades, Spanish motorcycle maker Bultaco has transitioned from gas-powered bikes to electric models.

Published: 05-May-2015

The famed Spanish motorcycle maker Bultaco stopped producing its winning race bikes more than two decades ago. Now it's being reborn as an electric motorcycle and motorbike manufacturer, first launching the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport electric superbikes. It is now following these with the Brinco electric motorbike, pictured below.

A unique blend of motorcross cycle and electric bicycle, the 33kg (73 lb.) Brinco is priced at €4,800 ($5,300US) and offers three power-assist modes: Sport, Urban, Eco. Its 1kWh lithium battery give it a range in Urban mode reportedly up to 30km (18 miles), while Eco mode is as far as 100km (62mi) with rider pedal input. Top speed is 60 km/h (37 mph). Charge time is said to be 2 hours. Only a 175 units will be built in a limited production run.

The company also announced its first three dealerships in Catalonia with showrooms in Barcelona, Ganollers, and Sabadell. These will be followed with other showrooms across Spain, proper, and eventually in other EU countries including Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Bultaco Brinco  motocross-style electric bicycle

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