PHOTO CAPTION: Qoros 2SUV Plug-in Electric Vehicle concept.

Qoros Debuts Compact SUV Electric Hybrid

Have you seen those amazing photos of aerial refueling, as pilots skillfully guide their planes into the tanker's fueling probe? Now imagine that on an electric car.

Published: 28-Apr-2015

Okay, this has to be either the seventh or eighth electric hybrid concept car to take the stage at the 2015 auto show in Shanghai, China. In fact, the idea of plug-in hybrid is becoming so commonplace that manufacturers are having to come up with new 'hooks' to capture media attention. In the case of the Chinese-Israel carmaker, Qoros, it's the way you plug it in.

Apparently, taking their inspiration from military aerial refueling operations, instead of the driver parking the car, getting out, unwrapping the charger cable and then plugging it into the charge port on the vehicle, you do it from inside the 2 SUV PHEV, as its called. The driver leases a latch that pops up the charging probe and then drives the car into the charge port receptacle, something akin to a fighter pilot hooking up to that flying refueling station in the sky.

The 2 SUV offers some interesting styling twists from vertical head lights to its wide V-shaped grill.

On the vehicle performance-side, Qoros isn't saying much other than the following comment on its website:

The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept incorporates a number of innovative technologies with the four-wheel drive stemming from advanced plug-in hybrid electric technology. The latest ultra-high density batteries – incorporated into the chassis floor structure – and two high-capacity electric motors power the rear wheels through an Electric Rear Axle (ERA) drive system.

The vehicle offers all-wheel-drive capability in several different modes and is powered by a 'smallish' turbocharged gasoline engine on the front axle and electric motor on the rear. EV-mode range is not stipulated.

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