PHOTO CAPTION: Inventor Crispin Sinclair with Babel Bike, available in both electric and non-electric versions.

This E-bike Could Be Safest of All

After having been sideswiped by a turning lorry, inventor Crispin Sinclair develops the Babel Bike.

Published: 28-Apr-2015

Crispin Sinclair had an epiphany on a road in England when he was struck by a van that turned into him while he was riding his bicycle. With that scary event, he nearly joined the 65% of bike riders who are fatally struck by turning buses and lorries in the UK. The next day, he resolved to find a way to prevent those needless deaths.

The result of he and his team's efforts is the Babel Bike, a recumbent with a built-in roll cage that is designed to have the bike and rider be pushed away from the vehicle, as the video below demonstrates.

The bike comes in both electric (250W) and non-electric versions: the former priced at £3,499 plus a £149 security package, the later carries a £1,999 price tag. Ordering via the company's Indiegogo crowdfunding site, entitles pre-order buyers to a £500 discount. Shipping is available to the USA and European Union for £130.

Sinclair's father, Clive introduced the C5, an early, one person electric vehicle considered a commercial failure in 1984, but the concept is starting to see a revival in the form of modern urban electric vehicles like the Renault Twizy and Toyota iRoad.

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