PHOTO CAPTION: Volkswagen Bulli concept could provide styling cues for future all-electric microbus.

VV Planning Revamped Electric Microbus

In the 1950's, Volkswagen introduced its Microbus, which would go on to be as iconic as its Beetle. Like that car, VW is reportedly bringing back a revamped electric version.

Published: 28-Apr-2015

Volkswagen introduced its Type 2 microbus in 1950, a mere half-decade after the fall of the Nazi Reich and the smashing of much of Germany's industrial capacity. It would produce multiple versions of the vehicle until finally shutting down production in 1994. Several subsequent iterations bore styling similarities to the modern minivan, including the Bulli concept featured above and shown in 2011.

Now we learn, courtesy of AutoCar.UK, that the company is planning to resurrect the Type 2 as an all-electric microbus. VW board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser tells the publication that the design of vehicle is so iconic that the new version will have to have three key features:

"First the wide, solid, D-Pillar, second the boxy design of the centre section and, thirdly, the front end must have a very short overhang. The distance from the A-pillar to the front end must be very short."

Neusser confirms that the company is working on the design of a concept. When it might see commercial production remains to be seen.

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