PHOTO CAPTION: Toroidion 1MW Concept Electric Supercar

Finnish Supercar Boasts 1000 kW E-Drive

1,341 horsepower is what's under the fenders of this all-electric composite sports car chassis: that's getting into the range of World War Two fighter planes.

Published: 22-Apr-2015

Finnish designer Pasi Pennanen created the Toroidion 1MW with the objective in mind of racing it in the GT Class at Le Mans. If he achieves the goal, and it will take lots of money to get there, his will be the first entirely battery-powered car to enter. All current entrants are hybrids in the LMP1 category or in the case of Nissan's DeltaWing, an extended range hybrid powered by system somewhat akin to that the propels the Chevrolet Volt.

Now batteries haven't improved that much so that Toroidion can race 24-hours without recharging. Instead, as Pennanen explained to show goers at Monaco's prestigious Top Marques auto show recently, the plan is to 'hot swap' the batteries during the race, dropping the depleted pack and plugging a new one, presumably in a few seconds time. That will require some pretty slick engineering all by itself.

From what we know right now, each wheel of the car has its own dedicated motor, the sum total power output of which is 1000 kilowatts or one megawatt, hence the 1MW monicker. The car is only a concept at this point and Pennanen noted in Monaco that if he can raise sufficient funds, the car could be displayed this time next year as a production model.

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