PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF used by Montreal's Communauto carshare program.

More Electric Carshare Programs Announced

St. Andrews, famed for its golf course and Montreal, the Paris of Canada both announce plans to expand electric carshare programs.

Published: 21-Apr-2015

St. Andrews is perhaps best known for its famed golf course, and possibly its university. It's your typical compact medieval city, one where car ownership isn't considered a necessity, But having occasional access to an automobile is a nicety many citizen would appreciate.

That's exactly what Britain's E-Car Club will be introducing in the Scottish city. The largest car share club in the United Kingdom, the organization will be deploying 8 Renault ZOE sedans and two Kangoo Z.E. Maxi panel vans for use by club members. For a one-time membership fee of just £50, members have access to either vehicle, which will be strategically placed around town. According to the Leader:

Hire rates in St Andrews are extremely competitive costing just £4.50 per hour – or £35 per day (24 hours) – for the Renault ZOE, and £6.50 per hour – or £50 per day – for the Kangoo Van Z.E. The price includes power and insurance.

The ZOE has a range of up to 105 miles and is considered the most popular electric car in E-Car's growing fleet of EVs.

Montreal's 1000 EV Fleet

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced his intention of turn his city an electric car leader of North America, pledging to introduce as many as 1,000 EV's as part of a public carshare system by 2020. He wants to see the first 250 in place a year from now.

Montreal already as a small 40-EV carshare program run by Communauto, which uses Nissan LEAFs (see above photo). How they will participate or be affected by the Mayor's plans isn't yet known. According to Radio Canada, the Coderre administration "presents his project as a way to achieve its goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by 30% compared to the level of 190 by 2020."

Part of the plan apparently also includes installation of many more public chargers with access available to any electric car. Because nearly all of Quebec's power comes from hydropower, charging up an electric car in the Canadian province is about as pollution-free as physically achievable.

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