PHOTO CAPTION: NASA MRV-1 electric car.

NASA Develops Agile, Autonomous Electric Car

Dubbed the MRV for 'modular robotic vehicle,' this two-passenger electric car isn't all that sexy looking, but brother an it put on the moves.

Published: 21-Apr-2015

From the first Lunar Rovers used on the Apollo missions, America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, has a long and storied legacy of electric vehicle development. The latest is the MRV: Modular Robotic Vehicle, a squat electric vehicle with some pretty incredible capabilities made possible by its four independent hub motors that allow it grab sideways, as demonstrated in the video below.

While its just over seven feet (2.3m) in length, it weighs a hefty 2,000 pounds (907 kg). Top speed is reported 40 mph, but is currently limited to 15 mph. Operational range per charge, according to Wired, is 100 km (62 miles). While clearly earth-bound and intended to prove technology that might be useful on future planetary and lunar missions, technology embedded in the MRV could very well find its way into future - and hopefully, more attractive - electric vehicles.

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