PHOTO CAPTION: Stromer ST2 anti-theft system found stolen bike inside of 2 hours.

Electric Bicycle's Anti-Theft System Proves Its Value

Bill Kiriakis' had his new Stromer ST2 less than a hour when it was stolen, but the bike's anti-theft system and GPS tracker led to its recover two hours after being reported missing.

Published: 08-Apr-2015

San Francisco bicycle commuter Bill Kiriakis had his brand new $7,000 Stromer electric bicycle stolen before he even had a chance to ride it. Fortunately, unlike most bike thefts, this one has a happy ending.

Kiriakis, who commutes by bike from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, a 90 minute trip both ways, had just purchased the Stromer ST2, the same e-bike used by the Solar Impulse solar airplane team as their 'chase' vehicle on take-offs and landings. Using a cable lock, he secured it to his bike rack on his car and drove to his office. When he left work, he discovered the cable had been cut and the bike gone.

The Swiss-made electric bicycle comes with a both GPS tracking and anti-theft systems, but Kiriakis hadn't had the bike long enough, reports Wired, to have activated it. Fortunately, the bike shop he bought it from was able to active the system remotely and not only identify the SOMA neighborhood where it had be taken, but also activated the anti-theft system that locked up the bike's rear hub motor and begins flashing 'THEFT' on the e-bike's digital display.

Police were able to find the bike and its frustrated rider who suddenly found the bike unrideable within two hours of it being reported missing. The man claims he bought from someone else for $100, a common poly in a neighborhood known for trade in stolen bicycles.

Fascinatingly, the man was effusive in his praise of the Stromer:

In what is likely the oddest praise Stromer’s heard to date, the man with the stolen bike said it was an impressive ride. Apparently, despite the whole arrest business, he’d had a grand time on the ST2. The man told the arresting officers that this was one of the coolest bikes he had ever ridden.

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