PHOTO CAPTION: ZecOO electric motorcycle costs as much as a Tesla Model S.

Japan's Zec00: Electric Motorcycle from Anime

With its drive system from Zero Motorcycles and its styling straight out of the fantasy world of Anime, the ZecOO will set you back the price of Tesla Model S.

Published: 31-Mar-2015

It looks like it could break light speed, but the ZecOO electric motorcycle's top speed is just 75 mph. Still, that's plenty fast for traffic in downtown Tokyo.

Designed by Nezu, with a 50kW (67 bhp) electric drive provided by Zero Motorcycles of California, the low-slung, futuristic bike reportedly will be a limited edition of less than 50 units, each priced at ¥ 8,880,000, or the equivalent of more than $73,000USD.

Like the eFloater electric kickscooter, few technical details are available on the cycle like battery capacity, recharge time, range; though since the drive comes from Zero/a>, we probably can extrapolate that performance could be similar depending on which configuration is used in the ZecOO.

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