PHOTO CAPTION: FIA Formula E racer takes checkered flag at the finish line.

FIA Formula E ePrix Headed to Monaco

The next FIA Formula E ePrix will be in Long Beach, but organizers are already preparing for its debut in Monaco.

Published: 30-Mar-2015

When you thank of Formula 1 racing or hear the term "Gran Prix" the tiny principality of Monaco is what typically leaps to mind. It's a demanding course of hairpin turns and exciting seafront straightaways. Now FIA Formula E will be taking making its debut there this Spring, but not before the ten teams that make up the inaugural electric car racing series take on another oceanfront venue: Long Beach, California.

Below are the recently published maps of both circuits: Long Beach first, then Monaco. Of the Monaco circuit, which will be a shortened version of the famed 'Gran Prix' and includes 12-turn over a 2.76km course, champion race winner Jarno Trulli said:

“I think it’s a reasonably good track and obviously the location is fantastic. It takes in half of the Formula 1 circuit, which is enough for the Formula E car and I’m sure it’s going to be good for overtaking. You can see that going down into the first corner there is a hairpin, then we head rearwards down towards the tunnel, where there is another hard braking with a possible overtaking point. From there you head back towards Tabac and the Swimming Pool corners, which in Formula 1 were very exciting and challenging. In Formula E cars they will be slightly easier, but nevertheless still a challenge, especially the exit of the Swimming Pool, which is going to be pretty slippery.”

Long Beach FIA Formula E Course

FIA Formula E racing circuit for Long Beach, California

Monaco FIA Formula E Course

FIA Formula E racing circuit for Monaco

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