PHOTO CAPTION: JIVR electric-assist bicycle

JIVR: Kickstarting E-Bike Beacons and More

It's electric, it folds in four easy movements and it communicates with both the rider and the world around it.

Published: 24-Mar-2015

It seems a month doesn't go by when Kickstarter features yet another electric bicycle project seeking funding. From Gi Bike which failed to meet its funding target, but successfully raised $1M in private equity recently, to the Sonder fat-tire cruiser hybrid that pulled in an amazing $3.5 million.

Now another startup team wants you and me to help them Kickstart their product, this one called JIVR. Like the Gi bike, it's a folding e-bike designed for urban Millennials. It too features a nifty smart phone app, as demonstrated in the video below. Unlike Gi, it is chainless, but exactly how it works isn't very transparent from the illustration below:

JIVR eBike components

The 350W electric hub motor is mounted on the front wheel. It's powered by a 9Ah lithium battery and 250W controller, both embedded inside the aluminum alloy frame. Because the company is based in Europe, the maximum top assisted speed is 25km/h or just over 15 mph. Range is estimated at around 20 miles, depending terrain. Recharge time is approximately 90 minutes.

While many of the features found in JIVR are available on other state-of-the-art ebikes, the team has added a new wrinkle: Bluetooth beacon-capability that enables the the bike to interact with the environment around it. What the JIVR team are promoting in their video is the ability of local businesses to communicate with the rider: come in for a free coffee or sign up for a new credit card, depending on the enterprise. More preferable would be the ability to 'talk' to the motor vehicles around you so you know they're there and they know you're near by. That could end up saving a lot of lives.

The forecast price of the bike is £1,200 ($1,790USD), but if you sign up for their 'Ambassador' program, you can get it for £700, provided you ride it at least 50 km a month for the first five months.

JIVR Bike Video

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