PHOTO CAPTION: Elon Musk heads up Tesla Motors

How Tesla Aims to End Model S Driver 'Range Anxiety'

No, the batteries aren't getting upgraded. Instead, the trip planner is getting smarter.

Published: 20-Mar-2015

With characteristic mystery and hyperbole, Elon Musk announced last week that the company would be ending 'range anxiety,' announcing it would reveal how on March 19th.

Well, it's the 19th and the announcement, via Twitter, is that the company is upgrading its TripPlanner software in the Model S to identify the best routes with the quickest recharge times, displaying those routes on its massive 17-inch touch screen control center. A company released screen capture is featured below.

From what we know at the moment, the Software 6.2 upgrade, which will be sent via the 'Cloud,' will effect all Tesla Model S electric cars. It will display the various charging times for each Superstation along the recommended route, the goal being to reduce both driver anxiety and drive time.

Additionally, it appears the same upgrade will improve "active safety features, bringing Model S closer to autonomous capabilities," the company Tweets.

In related news, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law legislation that will allow Tesla to again sell its electric cars directly to customers out of its two stores in the state.

screen display of Tesla's upgrade trip planner

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