PHOTO CAPTION: Quadrofoil electric watercraft 'flies' over the water.

Quadrofoil Production Plans Announced

The next generation of recreational watercraft moves closer to production in Slovenia.

Published: 24-Feb-2015

The exciting, two-passenger, all-electric Quadrofoil moves closer to production with the announcement that the Slovenian company and the Alumero Group of Austria have signed a letter of intent to produce the recreational watercraft at Alumero's plant in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia, the home of Quadrofoil. [Quadrofoil: The Next Generation Electric Watercraft].

Alumero has production facilities Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Holland and Germany, and specializes in custom manufacture of aluminum products, making it a good fit with Quadrofoil, a watercraft that uses electric power and hydrofoil 'wings' to 'fly' over the water. Using just 1€ worth of electrical energy per hour of operation, it uses no petroleum and produces no noise or pollution.

In addition to offering manufacturing services, Alumero will become a strategic partner with Quadrofoil, providing expertise in the development and financing of technological production processes, as well as additional equipment for the revolutionary watercraft, which is priced on a pre-order basis of at 15,000 EUR for a Q2A Electric Model and at 22,500 EUR for a Q2S Electric Limited Edition.

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