PHOTO CAPTION: BlueIndy electric car in Indianapolis, which aims to be the first American city to introduce the French carshare system.

Indianapolis Electric Carshare Suffers Setback

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission denied Indianapolis permission to charge electric power customers 28¢ a month to pay for $16 million infrastructure

Published: 13-Feb-2015

Plans to roll out America's first electric carshare system based on the successful program in Paris, France suffered a setback as the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) denied a request for a rate increase. BlueIndy and the city of Indianapolis were seeking permission to institute a 28¢ a month surcharge on Indianapolis Power & Light Co. ratepayers to pay for the necessary charging stations for the carshare system. Instead of authorizing the $16 million requested, IURC commissioners approved only $3 million to cover the cost of running power to the proposed station locations.

The BlueIndy carshare system is patterned after Paris' Autolib system, where program members can check out electric cars from hundreds of stations around the city, being billed only for the time the cars are used and mileage driven. The cars can be left at any designated parking location.

Announced with fanfare last year during the annual EDTA conference held in Indianapolis, the program has been waiting for the IURC's decision. Now its fate is uncertain. The Indianapolis Star is quoting Mayor Greg Ballard as stating "the city was not giving up on the program and said the IURC ignored the good it could do for the community." He added...

"Despite this finding, the city remains committed to working with our partners … to implement a successful electric vehicle car-share program for the benefit of our entire community."



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