PHOTO CAPTION: Broon F830 electric 'supercar' for kids

Henes Broon F830: More Than Just a Toy?

Ostensibly, the Broon F-series electric car is a rich kids first 'supercar', but the underlying technology suggests there's more here than meets a youthful eye.

Published: 07-Jan-2015

At $800-$1000 a copy, the Henes Broon F830 electric car is billed as the first 'supercar' for kids with well-to-do parents or grandparents. With a top speed of 10 mph, it can be driven by remote control or by the child themselves if he or she is old enough. If you're looking for a toy with all the bells and whistles from dual disk brakes to its own Android-based tablet display system, this is the gift for you.

To get a sense of how much more sophisticated the F830 is over its sub-$250 Walmart competitor is, you have only to visit the company website under the Performance menu item. There the company compares the "Ordinary" toy e-car compared to the Broon F8 [http://www.brooncars.com/]. The 'Ordinary' lists some 8 features: 12V motor, single or dual speed control modes, on/off accelerator brake, physical shaft steering, simple plastic exterior, no suspicion, simple on-off remote. [Note to Broon's webmaster: you've got quite few spelling errors on the site].

The Broon F8 lists some 28 features, including dual 12/24V motor, five levels of speed control, drive driving modes, coil spring suspension, independent gas shock absorbers, electronic multi-link steering system, Bluetooth 4.0 remote control, electronic braking, adjustable leather seat, 4-point safety harness, self-diagnostic system, quick swap battery, even dual channel stereo speakers. And this is only a partial list.

Parts blow up of Broon F830 electric toy car

The only thing missing seems to be an airbag.

Which raises the obvious question: Is this really a toy? If it is, there's a heck of a lot of advanced technology in it that might, with just a bit of scaling up, be applied to an adult-sized vehicle.

With the development of microcars, especially in Japan, where they are being experimented with in carshare programs, it wouldn't take a lot of re-engineering to adapt much of the technology found in the F-series cars into something designed for use in urban driving situations where compactness and quiet, emission-free operation are a distinct advantage over the conventional, full-sized car.

While Broon likely isn't thinking along these lines, there seems to be an awful lot of technology under the hood of this 'third generation' toy to squander on toddlers. Here's a company produced video highlighting their kid-sized electric 'supercar.'

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