PHOTO CAPTION: 2014 Audi CUV crossover concept car.

More Electric Cars Coming from Audi in Near Future

VW Group is planning to spend a record €24 Billion over next four years on its premium Audi line, including the introduction more electric hybrids and two new all-electric cars.

Published: 02-Jan-2015

Audi's e-Tron quattro LMP-1 hybrid-electric race cars have dominated LeMans for the last three years running, apparently giving the premium German carmaker and its parent Volkswagen Group, the confidence to begin investing even more in the electrification of its carline over the next four years.

Of the €85.6 billion ($103 billion USD) Volkswagen plans to spend in plant expansion and upgrade, €24 billion of it will be invested in Audi, including the expansion of its two assembly plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Germany. The company is also upgrading plants in Mexico and Brazil.

Seventy percent will be invested to developing an additional 10 new models - bringing the total available models up to 60 -- and technologies including "emission-cutting plug-in hybrid vehicles," according to a report by CNBC. In addition, Reuter's added:

"Audi's Chief Executive Rupert Stadler told German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in an interview to be published on Saturday that the launch of an electric sports car and a sports activity vehicle (SAV) were under way.


Nissan LEAF sales increased 130% over 2012, spurred by 18% price cut earlier in the year.

96,000 electric and plug-in electric hybrids were sold in 2013, while 489,413 hybrid vehicle were sold in the US, a increase of 27% over 2012.

Nissan LEAF electric car using public charge station in the Netherlands.

Invented first in the 1830's, electric motors are again finding a key role in improving the performance of motor vehicles, allowing operating costs a quarter those of gasoline engine models.

Enviro400 H hybrid electric buses, several of which will trial an inductive charging system starting in 2015.

Six special Enviro400H E400 hybrid buses will be equipped with wireless charging systems along London Route 60 between Canning Town and Walthamstow.


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