Pacific Crest Securities Remains Bullish on Tesla Motors

Research at Pacific Crest gives Tesla a $316 price target and an Outperform rating, while Morgan Stanley, sets price target at $290.

Published: 23-Dec-2014

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) shares were given a booster in the arm yesterday, after analysts of Pacific Crest Securities released a research note that reaffirmed their bullish outlook for the car maker’s prospects.

The research at Pacific Crest was headed by Brad Erickson, who has given Tesla a $316 price target and an Outperform rating.

Given its ambitious production and unit delivery targets, Tesla Motors has been favored by many Street analysts on the basis of sustained strong demand of the Model S. Pacific Crest analysts believe the demand for Tesla vehicles will continue to increase, and they are also optimistic about the upcoming Model X crossover.


Screen capture of Tesla Motor's Chinese language website home page.

If Tesla thinks dealing with intrenched US car dealerships is tough, it's now taking on the bureaucracy of the People's Republic of China.

Tesla Model S range calculator will lose 3 miles for every mile driven when the heating system is on, reports CR.

One year on and CR finds their 85kWh electric car loses a bit of driving range in winter and if left unplugged; they also feel the air conditioning system could be better.

Tesla Model S earned 5 star safety rating in 2013.

While Tesla has enjoyed a largely successful year despite a trio of battery fires, other EV carmakers have been compelled to cut prices to stimulate sales.


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