Tesla EV Perk: Access to Fast Lanes in Norway

Youtube dash cam video of rush hour in Norway illustrates one of the perks available to electric car owners there, including this Tesla Model S owner.

Published: 23-Dec-2014

While Tesla Motors doesn’t break down its sales by regions, it’s no secret that Norway has fallen in love with the all-electric sedan. That’s because in Norway, car sales are taxed by engine displacement…unless you buy an EV, that is. Then there are much lower taxes, as well as free tolls and ferries, as well as parking in some of the largest cities, which can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars annually.

That’s a huge incentive, don’t get me wrong, but as somebody who absolutely abhors traffic, it’s not even the best part of Tesla ownership. As this video shows, the best part of owning a Tesla Model S in Norway is access to the bus and taxi lanes, which means rush hour traffic is no longer a problem. You can just coast on by in quiet luxury as the suckers sit stuck in traffic.


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