Tesla to Open First Battery Swap Station This Week

Initially, the battery exchange station will be open to Model S owners on an appointment basis only as apart of trial program and proof of concept.

Published: 23-Dec-2014

In the summer of 2013, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA ) showed off a 90-second battery swap system. The technology will enable owners to quickly exchange their battery for a fully charged one instead of waiting for their electric vehicle to power up at a Supercharger location. A year and a half later, Tesla has finally debuted its first battery swap station.

Tesla's first battery swap station
Next week, Tesla will begin a pilot battery swapping program at a facility across the street from a Supercharger station at Harris Ranch, California. During the pilot program, Tesla will initially host only invited Model S owners.

"This pilot program is intended to test technology and assess demand," according to Tesla's blog post yesterday announcing the program.



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