PHOTO CAPTION: Lamborghini Asterion debuted at 2014 Paris Auto Show,

VW Group Evaluating Developing Electric Hybrid Lamborghini Asterion

With an estimated price of £350K, Lamborghini reportedly aiming for 50 kilometre all-electric range and sub 3-second 0-60 mph acceleration.

Published: 19-Dec-2014

For the plug-in purist, plug-in hybrids generally represent a car which offers some of the fun and zero emissions capability of a fully-electric car, but mitigates some of the worry and inconvenience of needing to find a charging station everywhere you go.

But increasingly for high-performance and luxury marques, plug-in hybrid drivetrains are being looked upon as a legitimate way of meeting ever-tightening emissions targets while simultaneously giving their customers what they really want: powerful, fast, no-compromise vehicles. As a consequence, companies like McLaren, Porsche and Rolls-Royce — firms which once mocked plug-in vehicles — are working hard to develop and produce plug-in variants of their vehicles for customers to enjoy.

Now Italian Supercar manufacturer Lamborghini can be added to the list of premium automakers who already make or are intending to make a plug-in hybrid vehicle, with the news that it is seriously considering building a plug-in hybrid supercar based on the Asterion concept car we first saw at the Paris Motor Show in September.



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