PHOTO CAPTION: Mahindra Reva e2o has not been a popular seller in the 15 months since its launch in India.

The Sad State of the EV World in India

In the last 15 months, Mahindra Reva has managed to sell only 1000 e2o electric cars; reasons are attributed to price tag, design, and slow government action.

Published: 19-Dec-2014

India, being a fast growing automobile market in the world, is an apt platform for electric cars. Be it emission levels, pollution problems or rising fuel prices, all these situations that the country faces today could be solved to a great extent if electric cars are introduced. However, the scenario does not seem to be very favorable. This is because India has proved to be a very weak market for electric cars. Several reasons can be cited for this.

Firstly, most of the Indians are known to buy things which are available at the cheapest price. Mahindra e20, an electric car which has been already introduced in the country has seen very less takers as the cost plays a major factor here. Priced at INR 5 lac with nothing – to-boast - about looks, the car has not attracted many buyers. Also, when companies like Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors are offering cars within the price range of INR 2lac – 4lac, why would anyone invest in a lesser known not-so-good-looking model?

Another reason that can be cited for this low pliability of electric cars on the Indian roads is the lack of charging stations. Mahindra e20 gives a range of 120km and needs 5 hours of charging. Though the range and charging time is fair in daily city commute but we haven't got much charging points as our current infrastructure is very weak. So people would obviously step back before buying such vehicle. Besides this, the government failing to provide any kind of rational subsidies is further adding up to its sad status.



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