Nissan V2H Can Keep Your Beer Cold

Nissan LEAFs ability to share its battery power with the local grid via its Leaf-to-home system can keep the lights on and the beer cold should the grid go down...temporarily.

Published: 19-Dec-2014

That's obviously an exaggeration, and it tells only part of the story. A few weeks ago, Nissan, which makes the Leaf electric car, turned the tables in this debate by starting trials of a system for electric cars to return power to the electricity grid when they are not being used.

The idea is that, because electric cars are plugged into the grid already, the power stored in their batteries can quickly be returned to the grid. Temporarily, they can assist in powering essential systems during an emergency when a sudden power outage results in people being stuck in lifts or carrying out essential tasks in darkness.

The concept isn't new. It's been tinkered with for years, but leapt off the back burner after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan and wiped out the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011. Power supply in Japan was dramatically reduced, and rolling blackouts went on for months.



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