Lawmakers Question Fuel Cell Vehicle Details

UCS's Friedman sees wind and solar as best sources for making hydrogen.

Published: 07-Mar-2003

N class=body-content> U.S. senators pressed federal officials and automakers for details on hydrogen fuel cell technology Thursday, questioning whether they are adequately considering all of the ways that hydrogen could be harnessed for fuel-cell vehicles.

Assistant Energy Secretary David Garman told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that hydrogen will be available for $1.50 per gallon by 2010.

Hydrogen will be collected primarily from natural gas through 2025, Garman said. At that point, other methods of producing hydrogen - such as through fossil fuels or wind energy - will be more widely available.

Garman stressed that the government will not be developing the infrastructure to produce and deliver hydrogen to fueling stations. But he said $1 billion in public and private funds will be spent over the next 10 years researching ways to produce hydrogen.



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