First Hydrogen Scooter Can Go Into Production Line

Hydrogen powers 2 stroke-engine scooter.

Published: 06-Mar-2003

NSHART, GERMANY -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 03/05/2003 -- After 10 years of researching and developing, Mr. Josef Zeitler from Speinshart in Germany, has developed the first worldwide Hydrogen filled 2 stroke-engine scooter with technical approval from the German TUV.

The inventor solved the biggest problem for the storage of hydrogen with the assistance of HERA Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc. This company developed a 50 bar pressure tank to store the hydrogen safely.

In case of an accident, the tank will freeze and no fire or explosion would occur. Anybody, without any special skills, can fill-up the tank within 3 to 4 minutes, without being in danger.

The process of refilling is possible with a newly developed system consisting of pressure tanks and a hydrogen generator. The whole system works on solar power and water to produce hydrogen for your own use.



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