Electric Bicycle Sales Booming in Europe: Here's Why

Daniel McMahon highlights the growing trend of electric bicycle adoption in Europe.

Published: 25-Aug-2014

Why don’t more people bike to work? The reasons might surprise you.

Probably the most obvious is safety — no one wants to get hit by a car. But beyond that very valid concern are other gripes, a common one being … sweat.

All that pedaling makes you perspire, and many companies don’t have showers for employees to use. And who wants to start their day sitting at their desk feeling all gross?


Giant electric-assist bicycle.

The annual market share of electric bikes is about 11 to 12 percent of all bikes sold in Germany.

BMW electric motor scooter prototype debuted for 2012 London Olympics.

Industry forecast includes both conventional and electric models from e-cycles to e-bikes.

Among the electric bicycles MPK sells are Ducatis similar to this City Pearl.

Because they aren't registered, there is little data on how many electric bicycles are being sold in Singapore.


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