National Hydrogen Association Sees Surge in Conference Attendance and Interest

Conference size doubles since 2001 meeting.

Published: 04-Mar-2003

WASHINGTON, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Hydrogen Association announced today record-breaking attendance for their 14th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Conference and Expo at the Capital Hilton, March 4-6, 2003.

"The interest in hydrogen this year is unprecedented," says National Hydrogen Association President, Jeffrey A. Serfass. "Interest in hydrogen as an energy carrier has steadily increased over the past few years in the commercial arena," Serfass states, "but President Bush's State of the Union Address and the ensuing press coverage has elevated awareness of hydrogen higher than ever before. We are excited about this growing level of interest in the hydrogen industry. We are proud to provide the forum for this interest to have a voice."

"The conference size has doubled since our last Washington conference in 2001. We've broken attendance records and sold out of exhibition space and workshop space," reports Karen Miller, Vice President of the National Hydrogen Association. "Association membership, conference sponsorship, endorsing organizations and student participation has also grown."

Addressing the growing policy impact of hydrogen will be U.S. Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham, luncheon keynote speaker on March 5th. Senators Daniel Akaka (D-HI) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Congressman John Peterson (R- PA) will provide added visibility to the political importance of hydrogen in their Plenary Session speeches. A distinguished international panel of representatives from Portugal, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the U.S. will broaden the policy perspective by including international views and initiatives. Other distinguished speakers include members of the alternative energy community representing wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower as well as senior leaders of American and International corporations.

Policy is not the only emphasis of this year's conference and expo theme, "Energy Security Through Hydrogen." The conference provides concurrent sessions on hydrogen production, storage, safety, distribution, utilization, advanced materials, production R&D, economics, policy initiatives and education and outreach -- all aimed at advancing the transition to hydrogen fuel.

Public education and outreach is also addressed at Hydrogen Expo USA. A special feature this year will be hydrogen-powered cars available on display and for ride-and-drive demonstrations by Ford Motor Company. The Expo is open to the public. Commercial hydrogen production methods, specialized hydrogen materials and fuel cells of all types will be on display in the Senate and Congressional Ballrooms for everyone to see how transitioning to hydrogen can be achieved.

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