GM Tries To Put Hydrogen Car in Fast Lane

GM vows to put fuel cell cars on consumer market by 2010.

Published: 22-Feb-2003

The driver looks through a vast, sloped windshield that covers space usually taken up by an engine. There is no dashboard, instrument panel, steering wheel or foot pedals -- just a set of adjustable foot rests. All controls are electronic, so that the driver twists a pair of handles to go, moves them to turn and squeezes them to stop.

This, though, is no Hollywood movie maker's fantasy car.

It is General Motors' "Hy-Wire," a hydrogen-fueled, electricity-producing concept car that the company introduced this month in Sacramento, Calif. The car's fuel cell produces 94 kilowatts of power; that's equal to 126 horsepower, about the same as found in a Ford Focus. The vehicle, which generates a loud whine when moving, can travel 140 miles before refueling.



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