Auto Show Focuses on Environment, Safety

Ford and GM announce hybrid electric drive plans, while US DOT focues on roll-over safety issue, rating best and worst.

Published: 09-Jan-2001

DETROIT (Reuters) - Automakers focused on the environment and safety at the motor show in Detroit on Tuesday, even as a new U.S. government rating system raised concerns about the safety of some of industry's most popular models.

General Motors Corp. outlined plans to offer high- mileage, cleaner-burning hybrid gasoline-electric engines in a variety of cars, trucks, city buses and other vehicles, beginning with a new sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2004.

GM said its new ParadiGM hybrid system, which will mate either a V-6 or inline four-cylinder gasoline engine with a pair of electric motors and a battery pack, will go on sale for only a slightly higher price than vehicles with traditional engines.



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