Go Electric in London - Avoid Congestion Charge

Hertz rents Th!nk city for use in downtown London.

Published: 13-Feb-2003

THERE will be a perfectly legal way of driving in Central London from Monday while also avoiding the congestion charge: hiring an electric car.
The vehicles are exempt from the £5 daily fee and, as a special incentive, Westminster City Council (which controls much of the charge zone) has lifted parking meter charges for them.

The electric cars can be hired from Hertz, at its Marble Arch facility, for £35 per day, including VAT and fully comprehensive insurance. They offer an interesting alternative to expensive taxis for the business visitor to London and can even be waiting at Paddington station — the arrival point for the Heathrow Express train — for travellers who have called in advance.

The Hertz two-seater, called TH!NK, is the product of an exercise by Ford to develop, market and deliver a range of environmentally sensitive vehicles. The project has now been taken over by Kamkorp Microelectronics, a Swiss company. The cars are 10 ft long and 5.25 ft wide, easy to park, and have wide doors and a big, lift-up tailgate. Ford quotes an acceleration of 0-30mph in seven seconds, which does not sound fast but is good enough to win most traffic light grand prix.



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