New Hybrid Cars Deliver Fifty-Plus MPG

TV station discovers "new" hybrid-electric car. Where you folks been the last five years?

Published: 11-Feb-2003

gas prices on the rise again, the new Toyota Prius is getting lots of attention. It's a gas and electric hybrid car, and interest is picking up considerably after the President's State of the Union address and last week's hike in gas costs.

"I think as a whole, everybody knew where things were going," says Andrew Bertrand, sales consultant for Classic Toyota of Tyler. "And that's why they're looking to alternative vehicles or at least saving some money in gas."

The car has good power, and doesn't need recharging. Other than a display, there's no way to tell when the car switches from gas to electric. And at 52 miles to the gallon, you could fill up and drive to Topeka, Kansas, without stopping. The Prius has already been in use for over a year with the city of Tyler.

George Baker, a fleet administrator for the city, says "One of these cars has actually been to Arkansas and back, we've had no problems out of it."



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