Hino to Use Hybrid Batteries

Published: 08-Feb-2003

Hino Motors Ltd, a truck-maker 50 percent owned by Toyota Motor Corp, said it plans to fit its Dutro hybrid trucks with the same batteries Toyota is using to cut costs. Tokyo-based Hino will equip the 2-tonnes Dutro with Panasonic EV Energy Co batteries, which Toyota uses for gasoline-electric hybrids such as the Prius, according to Hino spokesman Kenichi Ohno.

Hino was the first Japanese truckmaker to release hybrid buses and trucks in 1991 and has sold about 280 in Japan so far, he said. Automakers are investing billions of dollars to develop autos that meet stricter environmental rules. Toyota, the first automaker to sell a hybrid car, wants to spread out the cost of developing hybrid engines and transform them from a niche product into a global standard.

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