Bush Asks Congress to Fund Hydrogen Cars

White House admits hydrogen and fuel cells far too expensive at present to replace gasoline and conventional engines.

Published: 07-Feb-2003

President George Bush, long criticised by environmentalists for being the "toxic Texan", outlined his plan yesterday for hydrogen-fuelled cars that would reduce pollution and America's dependence on foreign oil.

In a speech aimed at Congress, Mr Bush asked lawmakers to "think beyond the normal" and approve his plan to spur development of clean-burning hydrogen fuel cells. He has requested that $1.2bn (£730m) of federal money be set aside over the next five years for research into the engines.

"What we do today can make a tremendous difference for the future of America," he said, detailing a proposal he first mentioned in the State of the Union speech. He promised "a new national commitment" to take fuel-cell powered cars from the laboratory to showrooms within the next 20 years.



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