Bush's Hydrogen Bandwagon Too Slow, Say Greens

Environmental groups urging intermediary steps to reduce nation's foreign oil dependence.

Published: 07-Feb-2003

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Environmentalists gave President Bush cautious kudos Thursday for his backing of hydrogen fuel cells while at the same time criticizing the administration for moving too slowly in ending the nation's continuing dependence on oil.

Speaking in Washington on a day dominated by the showdown with Iraq, Bush touted the development of automobiles powered by emissions-free hydrogen fuel cells as a major component of a surge in technological advances that will not only launch a new era in energy independence but also will bring an end to the long-running friction between the energy industry and the environmental movement.

"Hydrogen fuel cells represent one of the most encouraging, innovative technologies of our era," Bush told his audience. "If you're interested in our environment and if you're ... tired of the same old endless struggles that seem to produce nothing but noise and high bills, let us promote hydrogen fuel cells as a way to advance into the 21st century."



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