Bush, Environmentalists at Odds on Fuel Cell Plan

Sierra Club calls Bush fuel cell initiative a fraud.

Published: 06-Feb-2003

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Thursday his $1.2 billion proposal to spur development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles would cut pollution and enhance security, but the plan has left environmentalists steaming.

``If you're interested in our environment and if you're interested in doing what's right for the American people, if you're tired of the same old endless struggles that seem to produce nothing but noise and high bills, let us promote hydrogen fuel cells as a way to advance into the 21st century,'' Bush said at the National Building Museum in Washington.

At the museum, Bush toured exhibits of fuel cell technology -- pointing a hydrogen-powered television camera at reporters, making a phone call on a fuel-cell mobile phone, and inspecting a lineup of fuel-cell vehicles.



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