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Help with supportive letter writing campaign, regardless of your residence.

Published: 06-Feb-2003

What you can do to support the general availability of Electric Vehicles! If you are out of state, or in another country, your help is even more vital.

California, USA is the leader ONLY because it enforced the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. Reluctantly, with deceit in their hearts and dirty trix in their arsenal, the auto makers were forced to offer a confusing panoply of electric vehicles. In many cases, they seemed to design the programs to fail, like the GM EV1 that was originally issued with defective batteries at an astronomical lease price of $600 per month -- for lead acid batteries!

DESPITE ALL attempts to kill the program and confuse the public, there is an avid group of EV drivers, disunited by press isolation, linked only by word-of-mouth and internet email lists, that are proving every day that EVs are practical for the mission they were designed for, economical, and fun to drive.

NOW THAT EVs HAVE BEEN PROVEN POSSIBLE, it is time for Californa, and you, to insist that the ZEV mandate be simplified and ENFORCED to make EVs available to EVERYONE WHO WANTS ONE, without tricks and ploys!

This can easily be done by catalog order. The EV need not be shown at the dealer, it can be ordered by those who already know about it and want it. Anyone, even in Fla or Puerto Rico, should be able to order and drive an EV, and California's Air Resources Board can force this to happen.

There is a letter writing utility for you to send a message to CARB. You can either print out the letter, or COPY it all to an email and send it off to the email address the utility provides. There are 11 "talking points" to ask CARB, you can select them, change them, come up with your own. Get others to sign, and get it to CARB by Feb. 26!

This Sunday, Feb. 9, there will be an "EV PARTY" and letter
signing event in Santa Monica at the home of
Zan and Paul Scott at their beautiful, tree-shaded house just West of Santa Monica College. Going towards the Ocean on Pico, turn left at 14th St, Grant is the second street, turn RIGHT to the party, if you are in the area. For the exact address, send email or call 714-496-1567.

Paul plans an "EV Rally" this Sunday, Feb. 9. Their press release made the Santa Monica paper, and lots of people will come to see the 8 or more EVs (of all description) and sign letters to CARB asking CARB to stand firm and simplify the ZEV mandate so that everyone who wishes to make the "sacrifice" (according to the oil companies) will be able to get an EV, without dirty trix or barriers.

Susan Cox, an environmental educator in local schools, has agreed to attend. Invite anyone you know of who wants to learn, or to teach, and who will be willing to take some letters back to their organization, group, family and friends.

The EVs will be there at 4:00 P.M., and the letter signing at 5:00.

There will be hundreds of pre-printed letters, which people can sign, FAX and USMAIL. Of course, there will be blank letters for people wanting to write on their own to (pre-printed) addressees.

Write to:

Stacy Dorais, tele (916) 322-5594 Clerk of the Air Resources Board 1001 "I" St., 23rd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

FAX the letter to: 916-322-3928

EMAIL is accepted by the Board! Remember to clearly ADDRESS the email just as you would a hard copy, and make sure your NAME, ADDRESS and all other CONTACT INFORMATION is on the email so that they can verify or contact you for clarification. Email the letter to <>;

------------------------------------------------------------ There is a letter-writing utility on

that allows you to pick an addressee (usually CARB) and check off some "talking points" that appeal to you. The utility addresses the letter, and copies the talking points with a signature block. Change it around, make it unique, add ideas, and then view a printer-friendly version of your letter. Print it off and sign it, that's your letter.

To do more: MAKE A FEW LETTERS, addressed to different people, newspapers, etc., each a little different. Duplicate them, and get friends, family, school, group and organizations to sign them, then FAX and USMail them to their addressee.

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