Death of a Dream - Part 2

Part two of two-part series reprinted from Chicago Tribune

Published: 05-Feb-2003

Gray didn't wait for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, both former oilmen, to start eliminating energy efficiency programs. He and his staff, he recalls, started changing the names of certain EPA programs to mask work being done under Supercar. He also speeded up work on his invention.

When Bush took office, one of the first items on his agenda was energy. California was experiencing its worst electricity shortage since World War II. Fears grew as residents experienced blackouts, and power was interrupted to schools, businesses and hospitals.

The new president tapped Cheney to head an energy task force and to quickly devise a long-term national energy policy. Over the next three months, in early 2001, numerous closed-door meetings were held in Washington among administration officials and industry executives, including auto representatives.



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