14th National Hydrogen Conference Announced

Event slated for March in Washington, DC.

Published: 04-Feb-2003

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 31 -/E-Wire/-- The National Hydrogen Association 
(NHA) recently announced the highlights emerging for the 14th Annual 
U.S. Hydrogen Conference, March 4 through 6 at the Capital Hilton Hotel 
in Washington, D.C. The event, titled Energy Security through Hydrogen, 
will feature both "U.S. and international content and an exhibition of 
technology and products from around the world." 

"Leading up to this year’s conference, we are seeing unprecedented 
interest in hydrogen by the federal government, and increasing 
investments and competitive strategies by businesses, all addressing the 
importance of a hydrogen future," says NHA President, Jeff Serfass.

To represent this level of interest and commitment, the conference will 
begin each day with a high-level plenary session including U.S. Secretary 
of Energy Spencer Abraham, U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), and 
senior business leaders from automotive, energy and fuel cell 
businesses.  On March 5th, the opening session will be followed by a 
plenary on "International Policy Drivers," featuring representatives from 
Portugal, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the U.S.  On the 6th, 
it will be followed by a panel on "Renewable Energy and Hydrogen 
Strategies, chaired by Dan Reicher, former DOE Assistant Secretary and 
currently Executive Vice President of Northern Power Systems.  This panel 
will include senior representatives from the solar, hydro, geothermal and 
wind industries.

When asked what role hydrogen plays in energy security, NHA’s Vice 
President, Karen Miller replied, "with a hydrogen infrastructure, the U.S. 
and other countries can use a variety of domestic fuel sources, including 
renewable energy, to produce enough hydrogen to meet our growing 
demands for energy and reduce the reliance on imported fuels."  

Energy security however, will be only one of the many topics covered 
throughout the conference.  In the afternoon, concurrent sessions will 
focus on a multitude of topics including:  hydrogen production, storage, 
safety, utilization, distribution, economics, novel production, education and 
outreach and policy initiatives.  This year, the conference will also include 
special sessions for production R and D, advanced materials, hydrogen 
demonstrations and the exhibition:  Hydrogen Expo USA.  Highlights of 
Hydrogen Expo USA will include a hydrogen vehicle refueling 
demonstration using renewable hydrogen (hydrogen produced using 
solar modules) and a car from Ford!

On the 6th, the conference will close with a plenary session on "The 
Vision of a Hydrogen Economy and Business Strategies for the Hydrogen 
Transition."  Invited speakers include the Head of BMW’s Research 
Group, Wolfgang Strobl, Jon Slangerup, President and CEO of Stuart 
Energy and representatives from Japan, and Germany.

Finally, leading into the main events, Air Products and Chemicals will hold 
a pre-conference workshop, "Know H2OWSM"on March 4th. The one-day 
workshop will cover key topics including gaseous and liquid hydrogen 
safety concerns; vehicle and hydrogen fueling considerations; codes and 
standards; hydrogen properties; a modern approach to safety; and 
hydrogen production and applications.

To register, or find information about any of the conference activities, 
contact NHA’s Lara Neer, by phone: 202-223-5547, fax: 202-223-5537, or 
visit the website:  www.hydrogenconference.org/nha

The NHA has seventy members, including energy companies, automotive 
manufacturers, industrial gas suppliers, fuel cell developers, and other 
businesses, large and small, as well as government, and academia.  
Although membership is diverse, all are interested in the future of 
hydrogen as an energy carrier, and dedicated to commercializing 
hydrogen-related energy systems.  

The mission of the National Hydrogen Association is to foster the 
development of hydrogen technologies and their utilization in industrial 
and commercial applications and promote the transition role of hydrogen 
in the energy field.

For more information on the National Hydrogen Association or the use of 
hydrogen as an energy carrier, please visit the NHA website at 
www.HydrogenUS.org, or email us at nha@ttcorp.com.

National Hydrogen Association
Karen Miller, Vice President,
National Hydrogen Association,        
1800 M Street, NW, Suite 300,                           
Washington, DC 20036-5802  USA,               
Phone: 202.223.5547,/ 

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