NABI to develop environment-friendly buses

Published: 03-Feb-2003

Reuters, Feb 3 2003

BUDAPEST, Feb 3 (Reuters) - Hungarian bus maker NABI <NABN.BU> won two contracts to develop environmentally friendly fuel-cell powered and hybrid electric buses for the U.S. market, the company said on Monday.

One project, awarded to NABI by Sunline Transit District in Palm Springs, California, consists of developing a bus that runs on fuel cells powered by natural gas.

For the other, in partnership with Southern California's pollution control agency, NABI will develop and demonstrate buses running on both a gas-powered engine and an electric motor.

NABI said in a press release on its internet site that its lightweight CompoBus platform, with fibre-reinforced composite structures, was well-suited to carry the additional weight of advanced propulsion technologies.

"We will be there on the market with a viable proposal as soon as the propulsion techology becomes commercially viable," NABI's corporate affairs director Akos Erske told Reuters.

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