Suzuki Releases First Hybrid Mini Car

MPG efficiency second only to Honda Insight.

Published: 31-Jan-2003

o (JCNN) - Suzuki Motor released the industry's first hybrid mini car on January 22. The Twin hybrid model combines a 660cc gasoline engine with a small electric motor measuring 8 cm in thickness. The new Twin achieves a fuel efficiency of 32 to 34 km per liter of gasoline. The annual sales goal is 100 units.

The Twin is 16 cm shorter than a standard size mini car. It measures 2.735 meters in length. In addition, the new mini car hybrid is also lighter than standard mini cars. The model is equipped with an automatic engine shutoff function that activates when the vehicle comes to a stop at traffic signals. This helps improve the vehicle's fuel economy. The new Twin ranks second only to the Honda Insight hybrid in fuel economy.

Suzuki will market two versions of the model priced at 1.29 million yen and 1.39 million yen (approximately $10,900 and $11,700). (Asia-Pacific Automotive Report)



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