PHOTO CAPTION: Parker Racing uses Brammo electric motorcycles.

Racing First: Electric Motorcycles to Race with Petrol Models on Isle of Man

After several years of racing separately from their gasoline bike competitors, three races on the Isle of Man will also feature electric models.

Published: 12-Feb-2014

In a world first, electric bikes will be allowed to compete with conventional petrol powered ones at this year’s Southern 100, Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT on the Isle of Man.

Darvill Racing will directly participate in an extensive programme of top-level championships. Competing in the Pre-TT, TT, Southern 100, Classic TT, Manx Grand Prix, ThundersportGB and Andreas Championships and committed to a number of international races and have some individual and diverse one-off events planned.

“We are extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to be the first team to compete with ICE machines in a pure road race event anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to working with the ACU and Southern 100 club. Spending time with Gary (Thompson) and his team it is evident that the ACU are committed to being the leading light in the field,” said Darvill team principal Alex Aitchison.


John McGuinness on Mugen electric motorcycle.

Mugen's third-generation electric motorcycle will be ridden by John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey on this Spring on Isle of Man.


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