Telsa's Next Challenge: Turn #5 Ranking Into More Powerful Brand

Tesla's #5 brand ranking can help it sell more cars, but it also needs to introduce more consumer affordable models, writes Daniel Kline for Motley Fool.

Published: 10-Feb-2014

Tesla Motors , the electric car company that has been long on media coverage and short on sales, may be poised to grow as customers now have a strongly positive view of the brand.

Consumer Reports released its annual brand perception survey Feb. 5 , which showed Tesla to be a brand on the rise. The company, which sells its basic Model S for around $70,000, saw a 47-point jump in this survey, vaulting it to fifth position with 88 points.

"Tesla had a strong, very public year, with soaring stock prices, magazine awards, and exceptional crash-test performance," said a press release touting the survey. "Innovation, performance, and sleek styling is clearly gaining attention and making a positive impression. By gaining points in several categories, Tesla was able to raise its overall score. This highlights the value of being good at multiple things, rather than rely on a single facet."


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