PHOTO CAPTION: Pair of zero-emission buses used by Nottingham, England's transit service.

Nottingham Moves to Complete Electrification of Transit Fleet

Nottingham City Council will use £1.5m of government funding to purchase additional 11 electric-buses, bringing zero-emission fleet up to 50 vhiecles.

Published: 10-Feb-2014

Nottingham City Council will fully-electrify its bus fleet after winning an additional £1.5m of government funding.

The local authority will use the money to purchase 11 more electric buses, taking its zero-emissions fleet up to 50, of which eight are already in operation. The ambitious fleet plans were developed after the council initially secured around £4m of funding from the government's Green Bus Fund.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said the new buses would mean cleaner and more efficient journeys for passengers.


Arriva electric bus, one of eight to be tested in the UK.

Eight electric buses will take over a route that even diesel buses find demanding: running 17 hours a day, seven days a week.

Worcester, Mass. Proterra electric transit bus. Insert shows quick-charge catenary.

In addition to announcing a $2,500 state rebate on the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle, the city of Worcester took delivery of six full electric transit buses.

TOSA Flash-charged electric trolly bus.

133-passenger articulated electric trolley bus can be charged in just 15-seconds using robotics developed by ABB.


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