Georgia Bill Would Allow Ten-fold Increase in Tesla EV Sales

Bill would raise sales exemption number from 150 cars per year to 1,500.

Published: 07-Feb-2014

A proposed law in Georgia could allow Tesla Motors Inc. to boost sales of its electric vehicles in the state by 10 fold.

The Palo Alto-based electric car company has sold its cars, including the nearly $70,000 Model S sedans, in Georgia for the last year under a zero-emissions vehicles exemption that allows it to bypass franchised dealer networks and sell 150 cars per year directly to customers, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported. New legislation, however, aims to raise that cap to 1,500 vehicles a year.

The proposed law will likely draw opponents from Georgia’s franchised dealerships, as it has in other states. State lawmakers in New York nearly passed a bill last year that would have made Tesla sales illegal in the state. The bill was defeated in the 11th hour. Lawmakers have also tried to ban direct sales of Tesla vehicles in Texas, Virginia and North Carolina.


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