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Hero's Debuts SimplECity Electric Motorbike Concept

Stylish concept offers top speed of 60 km/h with powered provided by 4kW hub motor and 20 amp hour lithium-ion battery.

Published: 07-Feb-2014

The SimplEcity concept reflects Hero's commitment to efficient, reliable personal transportation for a free and green planet. Therefore it forms the basis to look at improving on current technology, and also looking at what new technologies can be used in a practical way. In pursuit of understanding electric vehicle technology over the years, looking for the right fits to deliver for our customers our research has led us to some unique solutions, like SimplECity.

Current electric vehicle technology is that it's best in lower speed situations, as power usage increases exponentially with the increase of speed. So although a hybrid is better for long trips, we realized that a new design such as a pure electric could be perfect in the city. With the SimplECity, we focused on rationally applying technology to deliver an incredibly elegant and light solution for the urban commuter. By keeping weight to a minimum and designing every system for optimum performance in city conditions, we have created a whole new type of motorcycle. We believe this will delight our customers in the real world

Key Highlights:
• Regenerative rear wheel braking through e-motor
• Removable lightweight seat, taillight & battery pack that can be carried in-door for recharging
• Dashboard interface through a smart phone mounted on handlebars using Hero SimplECity app
• Walk mode powers SimplECity to roll easy on the side when you chose to walk or when you want to move it up stairs with ease.

Hero SimplEcity specifications

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