Tesla Motors: Is It the Next GM or Amazon?

Ben Levisohn speculates, along with Trip Chowdry that Tesla's high market valuation may be because it's 'creating a new Transport-as-a-Service Industry (TaaS), which is probably about $100 Billion Industry.'

Published: 06-Feb-2014

Are investors making a mistake thinking of Tesla (TSLA) as just a car company like General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor (F)?

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas raised that possibility in a report about the upstart automaker last month, and Global Equities Research’s Trip Chowdhry made a similar point about Tesla today. Chowdhry explains:

Tesla will likely build a Mega Battery Factory, with a production capacity of about 30 Giga Watts per Year. The factory will likely be built in New Mexico. Tesla will likely partner with both Panasonic and Sanyo, in building this Mega Battery Factory. Tesla may also manufacture Hybrid Battery Pack, which includes both Metal-Air Battery as well as Non-Metal Air Battery. CY2015 Model S cars may get a 10% to 15% increase in driving range – driven primarily by innovations in Battery Packs – including Hybrid Battery Pack


Tesla Model S showed rapid battery discharge rates driving along Interstate95 between Washington, D.C. and Norwich, Connecticut.

John Broder finds himself stalled short of a charging station in Connecticut in his first cross-country drive of a Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S similar to one driven by NY Times reporter John Broder.

Grist's David Roberts argues that instead of obsessing over 'widget' solutions to our energy and transportation problems, we need to rethink the entire system.

Tesla's next act, the Model X will seek to fill another niche, just as other crossover models do.

Part one of series by Mark Rogowsky in which he argues that there is no such thing as a all-purpose automobile. All have their limitations, just like electric cars.


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