PHOTO CAPTION: NTS SunCycle is equipped with 60W solar panel, along with electric drive motor.

Neal Saiki Launches First in Line of Solar-Powered Delivery Bikes

Founder of Zero Motorcycles introduces NTS SunCycle electric-assist bicycles.

Published: 05-Feb-2014

Having founded and then subsequently been replaced at Zero Motorcycles, veteran Santa Cruz bicycle designer Neal Saiki and his wife Lisa are looking to launch a new line of electric bicycle-based delivery vehicles. Their first foray into the field is their NTS SunCycle. The front-mounted, lockable storage bin is fitted with a 60 Watt photovoltaic solar panel that in full sun can recharge the two-wheeled bicycle's battery in eight hours. The battery can also be recharged in a conventional socket. The cargo bin itself is said to be able to hold either eight bags of groceries or the equivalent to two airline-style carry-on bags.

While cargo bikes are not a new phenomenon, by any times, Saiki's 'wrinkle' is their patent-pending "Lifetime Rebuildable Battery." Covered by a lifetime warranty, the company has made the design 'rebuildable,' meaning that it can be upgraded to newer technology for half the cost of a new battery. Range on the battery is reportedly up to 25 miles when the sun isn't shining. Additional specs such as motor size, bike weight and pricing weren't available at publishing time.

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