PHOTO CAPTION: Terra Motors Kiwami is reportedly based on Zero Motorcycle.

Terra Motors to Launch Electric Motorcycle in India

Kiwami is said to deliver performance comparable to 1000 cc gas bike competitor with a top speed of 160 km/h and range of 200 km.

Published: 03-Feb-2014

Ever dreamt of riding a super sports bike without having to burn a hole in your pockets for its fuel? Your dream, has been set to reality by a Japanese electric vehicle maker named Terra Motors. The electric bike in question has been rechristened as 'Kiwami'. Toru Tokushige, CEO and founder, Terra Motors, said, “India is the second largest producer of two-wheelers in the world, and hence it is an important market in our strategic growth plan. We intend to invest Rs 30 crore in the Indian market next fiscal i.e FY2014 - 15. With this mission, Terra Motors is set to deliver electric vehicles of high quality in India”. The bike is expected to hit roads at an unrevealed date this year.

As per sources, Kiwami has been tuned to deliver 1000cc class acceleration and is capable of attaining a max speed of around 160 Km/hour. The English translation of the Japanese name 'Kiwami' reads as 'Ultimate'. The bike measures 2050mm in length, 750 mm width and 1080 mm overall height. Speaking more about the bike during the event, Mr. Tokushige was heard as saying, “With immense knowledge of electric vehicles, we will associate ourselves with the dealers who are well experienced in service quality. India is the second largest producer of two-wheelers in the world. Hence it is an important market in our strategic growth plan”.

Kiwami is stated to be powered by lithium ion battery and unconfirmed reports state that bike can travel around 200 kms on a full charge. Reports state that batteries take a good six hours to be fully charged. Post mass scale production of Kiwami motorbikes, the Japanese electric bike-maker intends on launching a range of affordable electric bikes, electric three wheelers and a premium electric scooter.



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